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Who's behind Avikala Life coaching?

Loic Bouteruche

Loic was born in Normandy, France but grew up near the Basque country as a teenager before leaving the country at the age of 18.

He used to be often sick as a kid and got all sorts of injections and treatments. He thinks it probably happened because of his shy nature and the stress created by a busy environment.

All of these health problems disappeared during his teenage years when self confidence started to build up. He also started to practice sport at competitive level that brought him a better physical hygiene.


He discovered meditation and Tibetan Buddhism when he was living in Germany at the age of 19. He started the practice and study of Hatha Yoga at the age of 25. Discovered the practice of Bhakti Yoga the same year and went to discover the world volunteering on organic farms and learning about farming and nutrition.

A big part of his knowledge is coming from autodidactism but Loic also studied Thai Yoga massage in Thailand, the basics of Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine in India, followed some studies in Tibetan Buddhism at the Buddhist university of Nalanda and started the practice of Vipassana meditation by Goenka. He learnt how to cook with his mother in her restaurant from the age of 11. This experience gave him the will to go deeper into healthy eating and later followed studies as western nutritionist.

He kept on following a conventional life with a wife, a cat and a job but tried to find ways to apply everything he learnt onto his householder's life.

Based on his personal experience, learning and practice of more than 20 years and on his international teaching experience for the past 11 years, he came up with a very specific technique that analyzes the needs and personal situation of each individual and applies a specific antidote to each point to come to a result that is complete, sustainable and long lasting.

He believes that only through an integral and personalized approach, one can really develop his life towards the common goal of being happy.

"Of course, we all have ups and downs. Of course we all make mistakes and have regrets. Of course we all have negative emotions that disturb our life, health and sleep but let's not believe that this is a fatality that cannot be changed and let's try together to transform it into some positive emotions and a happy life"

May all beings be happy 🙏

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